Everyday is an Adventure.

Hi guys!

We’re the Arroyo’s! Our family started in 2008 in Monterey Ca. My husband is a Jersey boy who fell in love with a California girl, and now we have 2 beautiful children and live in New Jersey. We wanted to start a diary documenting our family adventures. Hopefully one day when our kids are older they can look back and see just how much fun we had and how much we love them.

We love spending everyday together and enjoying the simple things in life. Sundays are our family days. My husband and I never work on this day, and it’s when we usually go on our “Adventures”. Or as Jaxson used to say, “affentures.” When we lived in California, we would go on nice drives along the PCH, stop and have picnics on the cliffs, hike through the redwoods, or play in the tides pools.

Here on the east coast, my husband has been teaching me how to be a New Jersian! Like shore instead of beach, and jimmies instead of sprinkles! Lol! Seriously though, we spend our summers at the beach, autumn we go for walks and take trips, winter we spend inside “it never got this cold in California”, and the spring we come out of hibernation! But the best times we have are with each other, because out of everything, family and love is all that matters!

We hope you enjoy our moments and memories as much as we do creating them!



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