A night in the mountains!


This weekend we packed up our family and camping gear, and took an overnight trip to the Catskills mountains. You don’t always know when you are creating a lasting memory or starting a family tradition, but that is exactly what we did.

Our adventure started with a 3 hour drive from New Jersey to Albany county in New York. It was so relaxing to drive through the small towns, hills and valleys on the way to the camp site. We knew that there would be a little rain when we left home, but we were not going to let that stop us.

We found this place online called Magic Forest Camp. I  have to admit that this place looked a little sketchy when we first pulled in, but we got to our camp site and realized it was exactly what we wanted. No swimming pools or other resort campground stuff, but in the woods with no electricity camping. REAL CAMPING!


We started our night by cooking dinner on the fire and having SMORES for dessert! As the night went on we read ghost stories from a book and enjoyed a night away from electronics and the rest of the world. After that we put the kids to bed, and spent several hours trying to fall asleep but were unable to do so because of the loud group of 20 something year olds at the site up the hill from us.

The next morning, we got the fire going again and we had breakfast and coffee. After that we packed everything up, and went to a state park high up in the Catskills mountains. We stopped for an amazing view overlooking the landscape below. Looking down from the top almost gave us a sense of vertigo. As we continued along the road in the park, we found a stream coming down from the mountain, which we followed up as far as we could. It was awesome! The water level was so low we were able to walk in the stream bed itself without getting anything more than our feet wet. The kids loved it! Walking in the water, climbing rocks, and eventually playing in and around a small waterfall.


On the ride home we came to realize that this is what having a family is all about! It’s not just going to work and paying bills. It is spending time with each other. Experiencing life together. Respecting each other. Showing your family that they come first. Do that and the love happens on its own!




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