5 Reasons to Have a Girls Night

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI was never really one to go out with other girls and have a girls night. Not even in high school or college. I know… I was one of those stereotypical Asians who devoted most of their time studying because an A- was like an F, and we were not having that. Fast forward about 10 years, I meet some crazy fun women at work, and we just all click. The first time we all went out together was at this Mexican Restaurant in Philadelphia. I think we were celebrating a new addition to our team or a birthday or something.. I can’t remember. Those margaritas were killing it, and we had so much fun.

We all planned on other outings, but I always had an excuse not to go. I just felt weird going out without my husband. Most of the time, we would always hang out together and I didn’t want to leave him for girls night. I mean he had his thing he did with the guys – poker night with his cousins every other Friday. At first I really didn’t like it because it was time spent away from each other. – I know.. lol but afterwards I saw how much he liked hanging with the guys every now and then. I mean having conversations about football with me wasn’t working. So I made those nights “mommy and kids movie night”

Then I started seeing pictures of my friends continuing on their girls night without me, and it got to a point where they wouldn’t even ask me to go. Not because I wasn’t fun to hang out with because to be honest, I’m freakin’ awesome… lol! It was because they already knew my answer. I wanted to change that, and made sure I made time for some of the craziest, funniest, most beautiful girls I’m blessed to have in my life. So now we are making a monthly tradition to get together with just the 5 of us. Last night was the first of these monthly adventures, and we had such a fun time together. We’re already excited to plan the next one… A drag queen show in Philly perhaps? Can’t wait.

I also did some research and found out that having a girls night, or even a guys night is actually really good for your sanity. 4 of us ladies are mothers, and we can lose our sanity quite easily. Especially Aziah. Anyways,  I’ve compiled about 5 reasons why having a girls night is good for you.

  • Healthier Life: I googled this so it must be true, that girlfriends are actually stress busters for women. There was a study done in 2002 at UCLA which concluded that when we are around friends, the mood elevating hormone oxytocin is released, increasing our feeling of euphoria. There was also another study at Harvard concluding that “not having regular contact with girlfriends was as detrimental to a woman’s health as smoking or putting on weight.” no thanks…
  • Bonding & Entertaining Drama: We have the funniest stories, and girl talk is so fun. I mean what did Yelena do in AC again?! No… not Yelena! Jamie, maybe…            I mean how fun is it to talk about some crazy stuff in our lives? Also as moms and wives we talk about home life too, and how crazy raising a teen is.. right Jamie? We’re also there for support and be a shoulder to cry on. The bond we have is just amazing. And you know what, actually being physically together and not interacting online is refreshing.
  • Dressing up: As girls, how fun is it to get all dolled up? I know as a kid I would play dress up and put my moms make up and heels on. Now it’s for real. I even got ready 3 hours before I even had to leave. Taking my time curling my hair, putting a little make up on and trying to figure out what outfit and shoes to wear.
  • To escape: Did I mention we were all moms and wives? Well all except for Melissa. We still need to find her a man. Anyways, it’s just nice to get out and unwind with some friends. Kids are fun but you get crazy sometimes when the house is always in need of some cleaning, and they complain about not liking the dinner you just made them. There’s also my husband. I mean I love him and I really enjoy hanging out with him, but I don’t think I have the right reactions to some of the things he says like, “Dude that guy just did a face mask” What mask? He’s wearing a football helmet…And why do we want the Patriots to lose again?
  • A healthy dose of Honesty: Your true girlfriends tell you things you may or may not like to hear. They just tell you how it is. If you look good in that dress or whether you need to get back in that house and change. They will also be honest with you when it comes to relationships and be there when you are heart-broken.

So if you are out there and haven’t had a girls night out in a while, or if you’ve never had one ever (God bless you girl…) Then text your girlfriends , and plan on a little fun girls night out ASAP! Trust me, you will be happy you did.

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Our 2018 Bucket List


I’ve seen so many Pacific Ocean sunsets growing up on the Central Coast of California but in the 6 years I’ve lived in New Jersey, I have yet to see an Atlantic Ocean sunrise. I mean every year we’ve tried, but every freaking time there was too much fog out or it was raining. This year, I will see a sunrise over the Atlantic dang it!

Eric and I also came up with a few other things to add to our bucket list this year.

  1. Write a letter to ourselves and open in 10 years
  2. Get my second tattoo. Something small and meaningful.
  3. Start a veggie garden. (A Fairy garden for Carson)
  4. Take a road trip to South Carolina
  5. Have a legit picnic. ( checkered blanket and picnic basket)
  6. Do a monthly craft with the kids
  7. Volunteer together as a family
  8. Go paddle boarding
  9. Start a food blog
  10. And the most important one – spend a weekend without the kids. Our eldest child is 8 years old now and we have not had one night without them yet. Definitely a must this year!297D446F-7C6F-41B4-A656-C11B811E79A3.jpeg



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