Our 2018 Bucket List


I’ve seen so many Pacific Ocean sunsets growing up on the Central Coast of California but in the 6 years I’ve lived in New Jersey, I have yet to see an Atlantic Ocean sunrise. I mean every year we’ve tried, but every freaking time there was too much fog out or it was raining. This year, I will see a sunrise over the Atlantic dang it!

Eric and I also came up with a few other things to add to our bucket list this year.

  1. Write a letter to ourselves and open in 10 years
  2. Get my second tattoo. Something small and meaningful.
  3. Start a veggie garden. (A Fairy garden for Carson)
  4. Take a road trip to South Carolina
  5. Have a legit picnic. ( checkered blanket and picnic basket)
  6. Do a monthly craft with the kids
  7. Volunteer together as a family
  8. Go paddle boarding
  9. Start a food blog
  10. And the most important one – spend a weekend without the kids. Our eldest child is 8 years old now and we have not had one night without them yet. Definitely a must this year!297D446F-7C6F-41B4-A656-C11B811E79A3.jpeg



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